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908, 2020

Grand Final results and next comp

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Hi All,

Results are in. Team 6 were the victors of the winter comp. Congratulations to the winners – Mick Keegan, Charlie Dawino, Kynan (I’m seeking a Royal Inquest into the results) Baker, Chris Muir, Belinda Thurtell, Brock (Cannon) Gannon, Mitch Neumann, Brendan (the stats man) Stuart and Beau Neumann.

So, we’re looking commence the new comp commencing the week of Monday 17th August. Now, due to COVID19 restrictions there’s going to be some key changes including:

  • We’re going to merge the two comps into one. This will be our Spring Comp (it will be a 10 round comp the finals and will be the final comp for the year). Club Championships will follow on after the completion of the comp.
  • At this stage comp matches will need to be organised between individuals – unfortunately we’re not all allowed to be at the centre at once. In saying that each court is allowed the two players plus a scorer at one time so that’s not to say we can’t arrange to play matches on a Wednesday or Thursday nights. ** Reminder – Please remember you still need to book a court with OneStrength as per previous arrangements (their number is 0438 183 165).
  • Results are to be sent via text to George (our illustrious leader). His mobile is 0401 906 930.

What we need from you? If you’re interested in playing in the next comp please text George by no later than Thursday 13th August.

Given the comp is going to run a little differently we need people to be organised and play their matches in the week they’re due so we can collate results and keep everyone updated. The committee really appreciates your help with this.

If you know someone who may be interested in playing but may not be on this mailing list please forward this on (John H please forward to the Thursday Night guys because I may not have all the emails for people).

Thanks all


Orange Squash Club Committee Member.

1703, 2020

Important Squash Club update- Everyone please read!

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Hi All,

Hope you’re all well!

This afternoon members of the Orange Squash Club Committee met to discuss the escalating situation relating to the Coronaviris and the actions we need to take moving forward so that members of our club remain safe and healthy (where we can help it). Off the back of some sound advice from other local sporting bodies and squash clubs across the region we’ve decided to to postpone the squash competitions until Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th May 2020. Note: this is the provisional date of return to play however the situation will be reviewed in weeks leading up to that date. As a result there will be no competition squash this week. Junior squash will also be postponed until further notice.

When we return to play (hopefully in the week of 6-7 May) we will commence with Round 7 of the existing competition.

For anyone who wants to continue to have a hit of squash on a Wednesday or Thursday night you’re more than welcome to do so however it will be at your cost and won’t be under formal arrangement.

This decision hasn’t been made lightly and is in the best interest of our playing members. Fingers crossed everything settles down prior to May and we can get back in the court!

Orange Squash Club Inc Committee Member

1203, 2020

Wednesday Results – 11 March 2020

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The number of comebacks in the latest round of the Wednesday night mixed squash competition would put John Farnham to shame.

Team 1 Neil beat Team 3 Wooding, with wins for Glenn Atkinson, Michael Abberton, Jarrod Collett, Darren Wooding, Dave Neil, John Hannan, James Cole and Yvonne Tracey.

The temperamental Tim Howarth stormed out to a two-game lead against a feisty Frank Cavalli. Cavalli changed his game plan, slowing down the game and playing some masterful strokes to come back, utilising his fitness to miraculously take the victory in five.

Team 2 Huysmans beat Team 6 Doucas, with wins for Chris Doucas, Belinda Thurtell, Mitch Newham, Lyle Davis and Jacob Wooding, while Mick Keegan let a two-game-to-nil lead slip.

Kial Huysmans beat Kynan Baker in a marathon, while Peter Brearley, down two-nil to Warren’s number one player Hamish Callander, wasn’t going to lay down, coming back to win in five epic games.

Team 4 Garlick sneaked home against Team 5 Hailes, with wins for Matt Garlick, Steve Bigg, Hamish Callander, Albert Cavalli, Katie Hailes, Lachie Dickson and Nathan Kelly.

Brendan Stuart proved too strong for crowd favourite Steve Blackwood, while local wine guru Scott Burke looked home and hosed when leading two games to nil against lamington lover Steve Elliot, but Elliot called on all his experience to change the style of game and claw his way back into the match and eventually take it in five.

Wednesday night mixed squash competition
503, 2020

Wednesday Results – 4 March 2020

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The glorious rain outside dampened the attire but not the spirits of the players in the latest round of the Wednesday night mixed squash competition.

Team 1 Abberton sneaked home by a solitary point over Team 5 Dickson, with wins for Glenn Atkinson, Lindsay Mahlo, Hamish Callander, Chris Elkington, Albert Cavalli, Chris Grant and Lachie Dickson. ‘Hollywood’ Michael Abberton hammered wine guru Scott Burke in straight games, a result which leaves Burke without a victory this season.

The enigma that is Steve Blackwood took to the court against former ZZ Top member James Cole. Blackwood came out firing, shooting to a two-game-to-nil lead before Cole settled into the match and stormed home to claim an improbable win in five marathon games.

Team 2 D’Aquino is in dazzling form and easily beat leaders Team 4 Elliot with wins for the unbeaten Steve Elliot, George Eleftheriou, Charles D’Aquino, Chris Muir, Hamish Callander, Peter Hanlon and Mitch Newham.

Lyle Davis took time out of renovating the complex to secure a solid win in four, while in the battle of the up-and-comers Beau Newham beat Amelia Thurtell in three, with both players showing there is a lot of talent coming through the club’s ranks.

Team 3 Howarth spanked Team 6 Keegan with wins for Tim Howarth, Kynan Baker, Jarrod Collett, Darren Wooding, Graham Kidson, Kym Knight and Yvonne Tracey. Hendrik Esterhuizen quietened Sonya Fitzgerald for a while by winning in three while the club rogue Grant Michell was last seen leaving the centre faster than Speedy Gonzalez after going down to Mick Keegan in a classic five games.

Orange Squash Results
2702, 2020

Wednesday Results – 26 Feb 2020

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The timekeepers were working overtime with plenty of long matches in the Wednesday night mixed squash competition.

Team 2 Eleftheriou sneaked home against Team 1 Atkinson with wins for Glenn Atkinson, Nathan Garton, Belinda Thurtell, Dave Neil, Lyle Davis and Beau Newham.

Kial Huysmans and Mitch Newham both won their marathon matches, while in the battle of the slick Sicilians Charles D’Aquino hung on to beat his long lost and shorter brother Frank Cavalli in five games.

Team 5 Kelly upset Team 3 Tracey with a win for Toby Baker over a fading Grant Michell in line one.

Also winning were Tim Howarth, Scott Burke, Nathan Kelly, Chris Elkington, Luke Holden and Yvonne Tracey, while Dave Wooding used inspiration from his uncle Harvey to win in five.
In the battle of the pensioner v the minor John Hannan showed his experience to beat Albert ‘Nadal’ Cavalli in five gruelling games.

Team 4 Garlick whitewashed Team 6 Keegan nine rubbers to nil with wins for Matt Garlick, Steve Bigg, Steve Elliott, Chris Muir, Hamish Callander, Scott Shepherd and Brendan Stuart.

Hendik Esterhuizen played some great shots during his victory while Brock ‘The Cannon’ Gannon, who had played driving guru Graham Kidson on 11 previous occasions without success, saw his perseverance finally pay off with victory in five games after two hours on court.

Orange Squash Results
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