Grand Final is here!

Congrats to everyone who played in the comp this season. As you will likely be aware grand final is on this Thursday evening from 6pm and it would be great to see you all there.

Grand finalists are:

Wednesday Night
Team 2 vs Team 4
Jesse Keegan V Grant Michell
Tim Howarth V Morgan Mahlo
Belinda Thurtell V Scott Burke
Tony Elloitt V Chris Grant
Katie Hailes V Craig Hausler
Marcus Ronan V Robyn Chapman (Sub for Michael Abberton)
Audrey Schmich V Sonya Fitzgerald

Thursday Night
Team 2 vs Team 4
Steve Bigg V Pat Williams
Wayne Stephens V Adam Zylstra
Mick Brindle V Murray McCloskey
Peter Merriman V Brendon Argyle

The Spring Squash Competitions will commence Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th September. This will be a 10 week comp and will be $125 p/person and this fee is due in week one. The draws are currently being worked on (as well as the club ladder) so expect to receive these details over the next week (prior to the start of the new comp). There will be some new players so please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome!

Juniors as back on this Sunday (10-12pm) and club hitting will be from 1-3pm!

See you all there on Thursday! We’ll likely head over to Kelly’s upon completion of the GF for a celebratory drink if you’d like to join!

Orange Squash Club Inc Committee Member