Hi All,

Grand final is this Thursday Night. Congrats to the teams who have made it into the grand final (and also to those who jagged a grand final spot as a sub 😂 myself included).

The match ups in the GF for the Wednesday Night comp are:

Team 5 VS Team 3

Grant Michell v Glenn Atkinson (sub for Toby Baker)

Morgan Mahlo v Tim Howarth

Steve Elliott v Scott Baker (sub for Frank Cavalli)

Kynan Baker v Jarrod Collett

Chris Elkington v Brock Gannon

Judd Felsher v Albert Cavalli

Rory Daburger v Scott Shepherd

Sonya Fitzgerald v Yvonne Tracey

Tom Hickman v Tom Belmonte

Also a couple of things for everyone to be aware of:

  • The new comps commence next week (Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th September). The new comps will run for 10 rounds plus semis/grand finals
  • The Wednesday night comp is full at 60 players and we will not be taking any more players. Given the larger numbers we are reviewing how the comp runs so once details are confirmed we’ll advise.
  • If you’d like to join the Thursday Night comp (or know someone who is interested) please speak to John Hannan. Alternatively if you know someone who cannot make it every week but would like to have to join our reserve list please let George and myself know.
  • At the conclusion of the next comp we will be holding out Club Championship which will run the last week of November and the first 2 weeks of December.
  • Don’t forget our juniors still run each Sunday from 10am-12pm and is only $5 per person!
  • We’ve also been advised of the upcoming Springwood Open being held 28 & 29 September. Places are limited so if you’re keen let me know and we can put in some nominations!

If you’re free Thursday night feel free to come down and watch the teams battle it out. As always we’ll head to the Western for some supper and light hearted refreshments once everything is finished!



Orange Squash Club Committee Member