Hi All,

Results are in. Team 6 were the victors of the winter comp. Congratulations to the winners – Mick Keegan, Charlie Dawino, Kynan (I’m seeking a Royal Inquest into the results) Baker, Chris Muir, Belinda Thurtell, Brock (Cannon) Gannon, Mitch Neumann, Brendan (the stats man) Stuart and Beau Neumann.

So, we’re looking commence the new comp commencing the week of Monday 17th August. Now, due to COVID19 restrictions there’s going to be some key changes including:

  • We’re going to merge the two comps into one. This will be our Spring Comp (it will be a 10 round comp the finals and will be the final comp for the year). Club Championships will follow on after the completion of the comp.
  • At this stage comp matches will need to be organised between individuals – unfortunately we’re not all allowed to be at the centre at once. In saying that each court is allowed the two players plus a scorer at one time so that’s not to say we can’t arrange to play matches on a Wednesday or Thursday nights. ** Reminder – Please remember you still need to book a court with OneStrength as per previous arrangements (their number is 0438 183 165).
  • Results are to be sent via text to George (our illustrious leader). His mobile is 0401 906 930.

What we need from you? If you’re interested in playing in the next comp please text George by no later than Thursday 13th August.

Given the comp is going to run a little differently we need people to be organised and play their matches in the week they’re due so we can collate results and keep everyone updated. The committee really appreciates your help with this.

If you know someone who may be interested in playing but may not be on this mailing list please forward this on (John H please forward to the Thursday Night guys because I may not have all the emails for people).

Thanks all


Orange Squash Club Committee Member.