Hi All,

Hope you’re all well!

This afternoon members of the Orange Squash Club Committee met to discuss the escalating situation relating to the Coronaviris and the actions we need to take moving forward so that members of our club remain safe and healthy (where we can help it). Off the back of some sound advice from other local sporting bodies and squash clubs across the region we’ve decided to to postpone the squash competitions until Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th May 2020. Note: this is the provisional date of return to play however the situation will be reviewed in weeks leading up to that date. As a result there will be no competition squash this week. Junior squash will also be postponed until further notice.

When we return to play (hopefully in the week of 6-7 May) we will commence with Round 7 of the existing competition.

For anyone who wants to continue to have a hit of squash on a Wednesday or Thursday night you’re more than welcome to do so however it will be at your cost and won’t be under formal arrangement.

This decision hasn’t been made lightly and is in the best interest of our playing members. Fingers crossed everything settles down prior to May and we can get back in the court!

Orange Squash Club Inc Committee Member