Semi Finals and Club Championships are just around the corner…

We have made it through the round matches of the Spring competition. I don’t know the results for Thursday Night…. John doesn’t share them with me anymore😭…

I do however know the results from Wednesday Night.
1st Place- TEAM 1
2nd Place- TEAM 5
3rd Place- TEAM 2
4th Place- TEAM 6
5th Place (equal)- TEAMS 3 and 4

Sooo that means that this Wednesday night 14th November:
Team 1 VS Team 6
Team 5 VS Team 2
For those players from teams 3 and 4 who would also like a hit come down for one! Call someone out and challenge them to a match. With Club Championships just around the corner an extra hit definitely won’t hurt.

On the topic of Club Championships we’ll be coming around this week collecting names for the people who are interested, This is the format for the Club Championships:

  • The Club Championships will commence Wednesday 28th November **Note this is for everyone, not just those from the Wednesday Night Comp**.
  • There will be a knock out event but if you get knocked out in the first round there will also be a plate event for each grade. This will ensure that all players get a minimum of 2 matches.
  • If you are interested in playing please understand that there is an expectation that:
    • You must be available to play matches Wednesday/Thursday (28th/29th November), Wednesday/Thursday (5th/6th Dec).
    • The Grand Finals for each grade will be on Wednesday 12th December.
    • If you are going to be away any of those dates you may not be able to play (unless you can arrange your match early- which still may be tough but achievable)
    • Depending on numbers we may have the following grades:
      •  Men’s A and B Grade (possible C grade), Men’s Vets and a Women’s Grade. There will also be a Juniors Club Championships with Kylie running this on Sundays.

The cost to play in the Club Championships will be $25 per person (which is great value).
Also this weekend is the Parkes Doubles Tournament. We have three teams competing including:
• Chris (The Elk) Elkington and Kim (Honey not Vinegar) Knight
• Tim (Up the Stormies) Howarth and Belinda (When one grade isn’t enough, play two grades) Thurtell
• George (It’s pointless… not useless) Eleftheriou and myself….the man who wears purple shoes.
Wish is luck and if you’re free and wanting some entertainment, drive over and cheer us on!


Orange Squash Club Inc Committee Member