Hi All,

Comp doesn’t kick off until the end of Jan/beginning of Feb. So for anyone who’d like to get back into it over the next couple of weeks we’re going to run a really casual round robin event.

Details as follows:

  • It will have some form of handicapping aspect to make it competitive for everyone.
  • Each week will start a separate round robin (so that it’s fully inclusive ie if you can make the hit tomorrow but away next week it doesn’t matter!).
  • Starts at 6:00pm and round until about 8pm (we may go longer depending on the numbers).
  • More than likely go for a drink afterwards….. which I’m sure will break some New Years resolutions… have a coke no sugar instead!
  • $12.50 per person¬†for this next couple of weeks.

Also not sure if everyone has seen it already but as a playing member you can now sign up to a squash membership down at the courts through One Strength (not compulsory). Effectively this is how it works:

  • $30 p/week for unlimited squash (includes comp fees etc)
  • $35 p/week for unlimited squash and gym. I’ve personally included the gym so I can become a real beef cake but I’m looking for a training partner if anyone is keen (and highly reliable).

If you can make it down tomorrow night we’d love to see you there…. it may even be a chance for you to get some revenge on someone after club championships….. (Cough Basil on Steve Bigg cough)!


Orange Squash Club Committee Member