Team 1 Keegan are through after beating Team 2 Knight with wins for Jesse Keegan, Rod Bevan, Robert Ryan, John Hannan, Luke Tester and a rambunctious Lyle Davis while Kym Knight started her match off at the pace of a 1970 Datsun going down two games before clicking into gear like a 2005 Monaro to storm home and win in five.

Team 3 Baker continued their great form to defeat Team 5 Elkington with wins for Toby Baker over wrap me in cotton wool Grant Michell, Tim Howarth, Chris Elkington, Albert Cavalli, Yvonne Tracey, Luke Tester and Scott Shepherd finished unbeaten for the season while Kynan Baker did something never seen before coming back from 14-7 down to beat perennial choker Jarrod Collett in four games . Steve Elliot and Frank Cavalli played out an epic with Franks temper at boiling point at one stage. Frank hung on to win in five.

Team 4 Doucas finished the season on a high upsetting Team 6 Bigg with wins for George Eleftheriou, Chris Doucas, Kial Huysmans, Graham Kidson, Dave Neil, Robyn Chapman, Matt Wilson and Brendan Stuart finished the season unbeaten while Mark Goes was left feeling more helpless than Kojaks barber as he finished the season without a win narrowly falling to Steve Bigg in five games.

semi finals have been decided in the Wednesday night mixed squash competition.